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Capacitor, Radial Electrolytic 105c, Sub Miniature 105c, 220

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Product Information:
Capacitor, Radial Electrolytic, High Temperature 105c, Sub Miniature.
Manufacturer: Arco-Kemet.
Part number: ESS227M6R3AE2R3. Capacitance: 220uF.
Capacitance Tolerance: +/-20%.
Voltage Rating: 6.3V.
Diameter: 6.3mm.
Height: 7mm.
Lead Spacing: 2.5mm.
Weight: 0.55g.
Packaging: Bulk.
Capacitor Terminals:
Through hole. Lifetime @ Temperature: 1000 hours @ 105c.
Operating Temperature Range: -40 ~ +105c.
RoHS Compliant: Yes.
Tariff No: 85322200.